Sunday, April 21, 2013


Today was an amazing day! I have officially become, and am so proud to say, a Godparent!! Although I am 100% sure nothing will ever happen to his parents, I am fully prepared to take on the responsibility of raising him. It would be so easy as I already love him so much. He is 9 weeks old and already weighs a whopping 21 pounds!! He's gonna be a big boy when he grows up!! His name is Hudson Bodi Scott. He is slowly adjusting to his new life with his parents and sister Layla, but I have no doubt that he will become fully acclimated within a few days. He already has so many people who love him! Without further ado, I introduce you to Sir Hudson of the Scott Clan!!

Oh my gosh!! Don't you just want to die?!? Seriously people. He is as snuggly and fluffy as you can imagine. I want to squish his face. All the time. And the puppy breath is TO DIE FOR!!

Look at that face!!

Holy paw!! He is seriously going to be a monster!! A monster who is loved so much! Oh Hudson. If you only knew how much you have been loved before you were even met...

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